We're a couple guys who saw the ocean and never turned back.

Living in California has given us a true appreciation of the various landscapes we can use to express our creativity and energy. Whether it's surfing, skating, camping, hiking, attending a music festival, or just jamming a guitar on the front porch, we are always spreading the Aloha mentality. Our mission is to spread the good vibes all across the world. We believe the body was made for movement and expression and we hope to drive that mentality home with our shirts & patterns.

Fins Shirts strives to promote individuality with an emphasis on unique design and function. This expression creates an emotional and visual connection that also provides comfort and performance. Our number one priority is to design and manufacture shirts that are not only the highest quality, but also engineered to perform at the most strenuous levels. At the crux of our brand aesthetic are the creative and artistic stories that go into every single shirt we design and manufacture.

Think uniquely. Act distinctly.

Designed in Santa Monica, CA.